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Top 7 Do-It Yourself Home Staging Tips

By Joshua Ferris

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Home staging shows your home in the best light possible by making your home look like a model home so taking on the task of staging it yourself can be a big one. The advantages of staging your home are numerous with the possibility of multiple offers and a shorter number of days on the market being just a few of the benefits you could enjoy.

  1. Crank up the curb appeal

    When it comes to selling your home the curb appeal, also known as the first impression the buyer will see, is crucial. Clean the exterior of your home by pressure washing the siding, cleaning the gutters to prevent sagging and landscaping the walkway leading to the front door. You don't have to spend thousands of dollars on landscaping because a few hundred dollars in plants and flowers will go a long way.

  2. Clear away cluttered spaces

    Cluttered counter spaces and rooms steal valuable square footage and make home buyers think the rooms are smaller than they actually are. Leave room for only the essential appliances on the kitchen counters and clear away any unused furniture or storage containers in bedrooms, family rooms and home offices.

  3. Add complementary accessories

    Staging your home isn't just about clearing away the clutter because a home that is too bare will make the home seem like it lacks personality. Use accent pieces and accessories that complement each other. For example, a round coffee table will help a living room with large chairs and sofas feel more open and flow better.

  4. Shuffle furniture so each room has a purpose

    Sometimes when you live in a home for a while a room can lose its original purpose because you found a better use for the space. This frequently happens in casual living environments when the dining room becomes an office or catch-all space. Once you have decided to sell your home make sure that each room has a purpose and that the space is clearly defined so home buyers aren't ticking away dollars for a perceived loss of space.

  5. Finish any deferred projects

    Occasionally we all take on projects that end up being far more time or labor intensive than we can handle. Before putting your home on the market be sure to finish all of your "some day" home projects to give your prospective buyers confidence that they are buying a well cared for home. These projects can be as simple as changing out dead light bulbs and as complex as finishing a deck. Either way, they need to be done!

  6. Rent furniture or accessories to fill in empty spaces

    Like most people, you live in your house and your furniture may be showing signs of significant wear and tear. To keep your home looking fresh you should consider replacing aged furniture with rented newer looking pieces. You can also rent accent pieces like vases, dishes and more.

  7. Wash your windows and open the shades

    Probably the most laborious task on the list, washing your windows on the outside and on the inside will make a big difference in the way your home shows. Clean windows show off the views around your home while showing buyers that you take pride in your home's appearance. A win-win all around.

Joshua Ferris is an associate real estate broker in Orange County NY and specializes in both Monroe New York and Newburgh New York real estate.

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Joshua_Ferris

Article Submitted On: December 24, 2008