Top 7 Direct Mailings For Keeping Your Name In Front Of Your Clients And Prospects

By Leslie Speidel

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  1. Newsletters will inform, educate and provide timely information that is important to your reader's world view. Remember, newsletters take commitment and consistency in your marketing efforts. If they are informative and welcomed, your clients and prospects will look forward to receiving them and pass them along.

  2. Personalized letters explaining your business and the benefits of your new or current services/products to your prospects/clients are very effective. If you put in the letter that you will be calling for an appointment, please do follow up with that call.

  3. Reprints make great marketing mailings. You can mail the reprint with a cover letter just saying hello, and that you thought they would like to see the attached article that you have written. The reprints will show your clients and prospects that you are indeed an expert!

  4. Postcard mailings announcing location changes, phone number changes, websites or any other business change or addition are ideal when tied in with an offer to your recipients.

  5. White Papers are an interesting marketing tool. By packaging a memo or a special report in a "white paper" format, you will be telling your reader that they are receiving "just in time" information from you and your company that is not generally available to the business population yet. Surveys make the best white papers.

  6. Thank you notes to your current clients, vendors and others who who wish to acknowledge with your appreciation are a welcome surprise and well thought of by the recipient.

  7. Articles that you have seen in magazines or newspapers that you feel your reader should see is a very thoughtful way of showing your client or prospect that you are thinking of them. Attach a personalized note to the article.

Leslie Speidel is an international marketing coach and advertising agency CEO. She can be reached at or visit http://www.themarketingcoach.com.

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Article Submitted On: July 04, 1998