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Top 7 Difficult Things To Say That Will Increase Your Income

By Joe Marino

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Sales professionals sometimes get so taken up in strategies for productivity that they forget to be human. People most like to do business with people who are like them. My guess is that a large percentage of your clients are human!

Make these a part of your language for the next six months. Include them in your client communications. You will make more money.

By the way...it wonít do any damage to your personal relationships either!

  1. "That was my fault."

    I was in a nice restaurant. The food came before the appetizer. Within seconds, the server was at my table saying "That was my fault. I didnít punch in the order properly. I can cancel it, bring it for you to eat with your food, or put it in a box so you can take it home. Either way, itís on the house." I ate it there. And the server got a huge tip. The willingness to assume personal responsibility has great value in todayís work place.

  2. "I need your help."

    It sure is hard to be mean or closed-minded when you hear this statement. Is it curiosity? Does it appeal to the charitable side of the hearer? I believe it says, "Iím just like you." We all need help sometimes.

  3. "I donít know."

    "But, I can find out." Itís so much better than when someone tries to impress you with knowledge they are only pretending to have.

  4. "If you canít, I understand."

    They probably can. And since you are so understanding, they probably will.

  5. "I can help you with that."

    It doesnít matter if you know quite how yet. Itís the willingness to be part of the team that matters. Isnít this so much better than, "Iím not sure we can do that." Or worse, "Wow, you DO Have a problem!"

  6. "Iíll go first."

    "If you buy three, Iíll throw one in free," isnít nearly as interesting as, "Try this one on me. If you like it, weíll do business." Itís another quality that has value in todayís work place. Itís called initiative.

  7. "I appreciate you."

    Sure you do, but have you said it lately? Everyone wants to be appreciated, even if they donít want you to know it. "Thanks for your business," is polite, but itís about something youíve done for me. "I appreciate you," is all about YOU.

Joe Marino is a Speaker and Personal Success Coach who publishes the bi-weekly ezine LifeCanBeGood NEWS. He wants you to know, "You can have the courage to do less and earn more with a life in balance." You can visit his Web Site at [http://www.LifeCanBeGood.com], call him by telephone at (904) 247-4065 or email joe@lifecanbegood.com

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Article Submitted On: November 07, 2000