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Top 7 Destination Wedding Tips

By Surabhi Joshi

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Destination weddings are in vogue! Think of a breathtaking destination where you've always dreamt of your wedding taking place. How cool is the idea of making that dream come true? What can be more beautiful than entering into a nuptial bond in a dreamy destination wedding! However, planning a destination wedding is not that easy unless you go through these effective tips:

  1. Choose the perfect location:

    The location of your wedding should take into consideration some crucial factors such as weather, dates, travel convenience, budget etc. The location you choose for your destination wedding should be able to express your style and your passions. The destination can be just a few miles away in some other state in the same country or some breathtaking location overseas!

  2. Make the occasion enjoyable for your guests:

    Be it some other state or another country, most of your guests may want to make a vacation out of the trip. Therefore, you should consider picking a place that will be enjoyable for them and is not difficult to get to.

  3. Send out invites at the right time:

    Sending wedding invitations as early as six months in advance will make it convenient for your guests to manage their expenses. As a matter of fact, some airlines and hotels can offer group discounts if bookings are made early enough. Additionally, you can send your guests an itinerary as the departure time approaches. This can help them know the date, time, and location of each scheduled event easily.

  4. Organize your trip ahead of time:

    Browsing through the internet, clicking a number of options and placing bookings online is not enough when itís all being done for wedding purpose! So, what you need to do is, organize your trip ahead of time. In other words, you need to make at least one or two planning trips so as to ensure that what you are being offered and what youíre being actually provided is one and the same thing! These trips can be utilized to secure the key venues, local suppliers such as caterers, florists, photographers, caterers, makeup artists, entertainment services and so on!

  5. Consider opting for wedding planning services:

    You can either hire a wedding planner from your town or opt for a wedding planning service from your destination wedding location. These days, resorts and hotels have their own wedding planners or resort managers who help handle many of the details. Also, the wedding consultants based in the area can recommend local photographers, florists, and caterers so as to provide you the best possible services. Your travel plans and accommodations can be facilitated further if you go for a travel agency service.

  6. Crosscheck marriage regulations:

    As a matter of fact, marriage regulations are different in different states and different countries. Thus, you need to check the requirements of the location where you are getting married as far in advance as possible so as to avoid screwing up your destination wedding.

  7. Pay attention to your guests:

    Destination weddings generally have a less number of guests. This is because all your guests may not be able to make their presence due to financial concerns. So, the ones who attend it need to be paid attention. You can consider arranging group rates for flights and rooms, list information for getting to and from the nearest airport to your wedding locale. You can also deliver welcome bags to their rooms, full of essentials for the trip so as to make them feel welcomed.

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Article Submitted On: April 24, 2017