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Top 7 Construction Services Industry Myths Debunked

By Chris Miller

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According to the US Census Bureau, U.S. Construction Spending will be worth 1,234.5 Billion dollars in 2017. It will be about 1323.3 billion dollars in 2018. This data shows a clear picture of the potential of the construction services industry. But no matter how much potential this growing industry shows, there are still some myths associated with it. Here we are debunking 7 of these myths for your benefit.

  1. Itís for Non-Learners
    This is the biggest myth related to construction services industry. People believe that workers in this sector are uneducated people who have got no skills. This is so not true. The fact is that every person working in this industry needs to learn how to handle tools, be safe on a site, read blueprints and develop a knack for basic mathematics. The workers also need to have some basic skills like carpentry or welding.

  2. Itís not for Skilled People
    This is another big fat lie. People from different walks of life join this industry because they prefer to build something that lasts. People also take up construction jobs because they wish to travel to different places. These jobs are also popular among people who like to stay active the entire day rather than being a desk jockey. The benefits an employee gets are identical to the benefits any employee gets in another sector.

  3. Itís Dangerous
    Many people donít join a construction company because they think that this field is too dangerous. While it is a fact that use of certain tools and working on great heights pose a threat but these threats to safety can be negated by undergoing safety training, safety education and being aware & vigilant. Following the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) compliance standards is also a way to make the environment safer for all.

  4. Itís Bad for the Environment
    Yes, there are several materials that emit carbon dioxide and are not recyclable but you know what, the use of such elements is decreasing day by day. Almost every commercial construction company is using more environmentally friendly designs and creating green buildings. Waste management has also become more efficient than ever before and pollution is also more controlled. Hence, every home or workplace being created now is helping to make the world more sustainable for the future generations.

  5. Itís All about Swinging Tools
    Though the usage of tools and equipment is much more than most of the industries, the construction industry is not just about swinging tools. Itís a combination of architectural and engineering tasks. A lot of tasks regarding space planning design, estimating, budgeting and bidding are actually completed before a worker even sets the foot on a site.

  6. Itís Old Fashioned
    With the advent of technology, no sector can be called old-fashioned these days. Almost every commercial construction firm is making use of technology to create 3D designs and plan as well as execute a project. From budget control to time projection and from employee management to safety awareness, everything can be done by using even Smartphone apps.

  7. Itís a Manís World
    While it is true that the majority of workers in this sector are men, the role of women is gaining importance day by day. As per the data of the U.S. Census Bureau more than 152,800 women-owned construction firms were there in the year 1997. Just 10 years later, that number climbed to more than 268,800. This data clearly shows that women are not lagging behind, they are taking on every job in this sector, be it creating budget projections to handling minor repairs and maintenance works.

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Article Submitted On: February 15, 2017