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Top 7 Commandments For Better Sales

By Terri Levine

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  1. Prepare customer proposals on weekends and evenings when you are free of distractions.

  2. Never say no to a customer; everything is negotiable.

  3. Make customers feel good about you, not just your product. Send cards for birthdays and when congratulations are in order. Take them to lunch, ball games and other outings.

  4. Meet customer requirements, even if it means fighting the bureaucracy.

  5. Do things for customers you don't get paid for, like solving billing problems.

  6. Know your competitor's product better than your competitor does.

  7. Be early for meetings.


    • Dress and groom yourself sharply so you look like a superior product.

    • When it's time to go home, make one more phone call.

    • If you stay in the shower for a long time in the morning because you don't look forward to work, find another job.

Submitted by Terri Levine, Professional and Personal Coach. Terri is a coach to successful business leaders, top executives, and a developer of people with potential for greatness. Terri can be visited on the Web at www.comprehensivecoaching.com [http://www.comprehensivecoaching.com]. For more information about Comprehensive Coaching, call toll free 888-899-7916. To receive a copy of Terri's free weekly newsletter, The Coach's Corner, send an email to .

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Article Submitted On: May 25, 2000