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Top 7 Clues That You Need A Virtual Assistant

By Pat Zickefoose

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The following are clues to help manage and grow your business and, consequently, create more free time.

  1. You are overwhelmed by the chaos in your office. Each day you seem to fall further behind. The details are getting you down.

  2. You do not feel capable of producing professional documents and really don't want to be burdened with it. You know how important it is to the success of your business to project a professional image by producing high quality documents, but this is not your area of expertise.

  3. Business is booming and you have no support system.

  4. You fear you are letting clients down by not delivering fast enough. You worked hard to find those clients. You want to meet their expectations. Your success is dependent upon it.

  5. You occasionally miss appointments and events. You try to maintain a calendar. You schedule time for all your engagements and thought you were organized, but somehow time gets away from you.

  6. You have projects that need to be completed but have no idea how to accomplish them.

  7. You want to rediscover your life that the job is supposed to support.

Submitted by Pat Zickefoose, Virtual Assistant. Pat performs a wide range of office functions for her clients without setting foot in their office. By partnering with her clients, she provides the support required to help them effectively grow their business and create more free time.

To learn more, contact Pat at (972) 617-0353 or send an email to pjzick@mymail.net

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Article Submitted On: November 18, 1999