Top 7 Characteristics of Achievers

By Bambang Haryanto

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Why do some people continually achieve great things, while others merely dream of bettering themselves?

Are people born with some sort of “achievement gene”, or can you learn to be an achiever?

Here are 7 characteristics to help you achieve your goals and dreams!

  1. Achievers believe in themselves and in their abilities.

    Self-esteem and self-efficacy go hand in hand in ensuring that the achiever recognizes that he is capable of accomplishing what he sets out to do.

  2. They are positive thinkers.

    Whenever faced with obstacles or setbacks, an achiever will use his own resourcefulness to get past any hurdles he comes across. A positive attitude, determination and persistence will minimize the impact of anything that may get in the way of success.

  3. Achievers recognize and acknowledge their strengths and their talents.

    We have all been given gifts and talents to be successful in life, and we must use these to the best of our ability. Equally important, we must be willing to share our talents to help others accomplish great things in their lives.

  4. They take action.

    Anyone can dream and set goals, but the achiever is the person who will take action and successfully carry them through.

  5. Achievers have a sense of purpose and have an understanding of the meaning of life.

    They realize that we are here on Earth to reach our full potential. This helps to ensure that people will continually strive to improve their lives, and those of others.

  6. They do what is required to reach their goals.

    Achievers will plan each step to ensure success, and once completed, they will move onto the next step to get closer to attaining their goal.

  7. Achievers recognize that if someone else can achieve something, then so can they.

    If it is humanly possible, then it is perfectly feasible to accept that you too have the potential of reaching that goal!

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