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Top 7 Characteristics Of Much Sought-After Web Site Information

By Alwyn Botha

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  1. Lots -- the larger the volume of (mostly free) content you have available, the better chance you have that potential customers will bookmark your Web site and visit your Web site again.

  2. Unique - the "more unique" your content, the better chance you have that people will bookmark your Web site and visit it again - they can get your unique content ONLY from you.

  3. Free - the larger the volume of free content you have available, the better your potential customers can clearly see your ability to meet their needs.

  4. Relevant - the more relevant your content is to a specific customer, the better the chance they will do business with you.

  5. Practical - the more practically useful your content is, the better the chance potential customers will do business with you. They need practical (how to) advice they can act on.

  6. Quality - the higher the quality of your free content, the more you stand out from the competition. Free quality content is scarce.

  7. Needs - the better you understand and address potential customers' specific needs, the better...for them and potentially for you too. ;)

    When these characteristics are used in combination, their powerful effects are multiplied, for example:

    Web sites that want to stand out from the crowd should provide lots of unique, free (but valuable), relevant, practical (how to), quality content focused on the customer's needs.

    Warning! There is no correlation between the length of an article and its potential value to you and your business - especially when considering this article.

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Article Submitted On: October 12, 2000