Top 7 Characteristics Of "Digital" Consciousness

By James Ward

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Business owners and marketers need to realize that the single largest change in human consciousness is currently taking place right now. The discovery of using "tools" and the discovery of printing pale in significance alongside the changes happening to human consciousness right now. These include:

  1. We are witnessing the end of the analogue consciousness -- starting at the "beginning" and going to the "end" no longer makes sense. Printed books, paper-based letters, audio and video tapes are on the way out. They are not "clickable."

  2. Key words and key phrases embedded within human consciousness will be more important than ideas, values, perceptions and beliefs -- particularly so in terms of sales and marketing activities.

  3. Instant gratification will be the number one motivator for human interaction and activity.

  4. Human consciousness will be shared more than ever before in history -- we are entering the era of one-world-mind -- the global mind is now replacing the global village. Ideas will spread with viral speed or spontaneously ignite worldwide and burn out just as quickly.

  5. Information will be valued more for the way it is presented than for it worth by any other standard.

  6. Authority on all levels will be meaningless. The authority of the "mouse" will be absolute.

  7. Human consciousness will move towards the goal of being cojoined with computer consciousness as a matter of course.

    These changes are having and will have monumental changes in every aspect of human life and will change our civilization more than any other thing has done in human history. Their impact on doing business and on selling and marketing will continue to be profound.

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Article Submitted On: November 02, 2000