Top 7 Buzzwords That Should Never Appear In A News Release

By John Walston

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As determined by John Walston of BuzzWhack.com:

  1. LEADING: Virtually every news release today claims its company is the leading (put your companyís specialty here) in the country. Itís not believable anymore.

  2. COLLABORATIVE PARTNERSHIPS: Why would anyone have a partnership that wasn't collaborative?

  3. LEVERAGING OUR ASSETS: In todayís business world, any company that doesnít "leverage its assets" goes out of business. Everyone already assumes you do. Donít waste their time repeating it.

  4. ROBUST: Itís a term that best describes coffee. A robust product tells the customer nothing. Try spelling out the benefits. Itís more effective.

  5. STRATEGIC ALLIANCES: Why would you have a business alliance that wasn't strategic?

  6. WEB-ENABLED: For most companies, itís a term that promises more than they deliver. If you have Web site and take orders online, just say so. You donít brag about being telephone-enabled or stapler-enabled.

  7. SPACE: As in "weíre in the B2B space."

John Walston, the BuzzWhacker-in-Chief of BuzzWhack.com. He can be reached at or on the Web at: http://www.buzzwhack.com

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=John_Walston

Article Submitted On: November 16, 2000