Top 7 Business "Working Business Model"

By Dan Knapp

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Your business is not law, dentistry, consulting, etc. Those are things that you do. Your business is marketing legal services, dentistry services, consulting services, etc.

By doing the following, you can develop a marketing plan based on the working business model for any business.

  1. Identify potential customers. Use the rifle versus shotgun approach. What do your current customers have in common? Use that information to find more customers just like them.

  2. Make potential customers aware of your business. In a general sense, your potential customers must realize they have a need that can be filled.

  3. Attract potential customers to your business. Draw the customer in by using your "Unique Selling Proposition." What can you do for your customers that no one else can do? Ideally, you can accomplish steps two and three at the same time.

  4. Qualify the prospective customers. Your very first step with any potential client must be to qualify them. Only try to sell to customers that have the need and capacity to buy from you. From an economic point of view, time spent with unqualified potential customers is time wasted.

  5. Convert the prospective customer to a paying customer. Once you have qualified the potential client, close the sale. Customers for every business have six objections to doing business with that business. What six objections apply to your business? The reasons are different for each business. How can you make those six objections the reasons why the customer should do business with you?

  6. Service the customer. Top service only. This is the product or service you provide. You know this item far better than I do.

  7. Leverage your current customers to obtain additional business. Get referrals from your satisfied customers. What other products or services could your customers buy from you? Could they buy more frequently?

Today's Top 7 Business was submitted by Dan Knapp, MBA, Personal Coach. Visit Dan's Web site at http://www.danknapp.com

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Article Submitted On: November 17, 1999