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Top 7 Business Tips For Small Business Starters For Online Business

By Mark Shay

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Described below will be the top 7 tips, or very useful tips for business. These 7 tips are only the tip of the iceburg but very good for any business owner or person looking to startup a business.

  1. Brainstorming for an idea - You must select what interests you in any field and put together 5 to 7 possible ideas that seem viable as a source of income.

  2. Deciding what type of product - you are going to sell and how it will be shipped. For example is it a tangible watch or an intangible product such as an ebook etc.

  3. Analyze the demand for the product - You can anaylze what other people are bidding for search engine placement to sometimes get a better idea of the profit involved in your particular niche.

  4. Check the competition - You can often look at other businesses similar to your prospective business and see how their site is layed out, their content, etc. Afterwards you can implement some of their methods and come up with a new method to set yourself apart.

  5. Setting up the website/product - once you have everything in mind, go ahead and search for available domain names relative to your product, and decide how you are going to ship it etc.

  6. Learning how to get people hooked - writing creative and appealing headlines and sales letters will definitely give your site a fighting chance, but you also want to have a free newsletter so you can continue to market to people and build a valuable relationship, this is key.

  7. Handling with products and marketing - you have to find a decent merchant account who you would like to have on your site selling your products through, there is a free one or two out there but choose ur account wisely. For marketing there is quite a bit to do out there I would really stick with search engine marketing, ppc and optimization.

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Article Submitted On: March 06, 2006