Top 7 Business Strategies That Serve Both Entrepreneurs and Employees

By Mark Essel

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Each new path in life is marked by a decision. The choice inspires an entirely new future, and provides a fertile soil from which unimaginable networks of new possibilities arise. My deepest wish is that by sharing my humble perspectives, you, the reader, will gain a quantum of motivational energy sufficient to spark a powerful and positive decision and corresponding path for your own life.

  1. Become a web marketing and SEO expert as soon as possible.

    As future web authors, if we don't pick up the necessary skills to get read on the web, we might as well quit before we start.

  2. Just because a job is dirty, doesn't mean it isn't fun.

    You may fall in love with career or labor that wouldn't be idealized in our modern work view. To hell with the idealized view, keep digging until you find what you were meant to do.

  3. Your imagination can change the world.

    I've discovered that there is something we can easily do that can transform our world. We can inspire! We can write about and share our deepest hopes and find others who share these dreams.

  4. If you are the engine, find the idea man/woman.

    If you are the idea man/woman, find the engine. When energy meets ideas, brilliant new companies are born.

  5. Mountains are moved one step at a time.

    By focusing on taking one step at a time, by living within that single step we are able to move past all the other concerns and distractions that make taking that step otherwise impossible.

  6. In the future, information, and all media will probably be free.

    So become the best at organizing, presenting or monetizing your own media with key contextual ads or subscriptions. eBooks, blogs and eArticles are replacing hard covers and newspapers.

  7. Be faithful to yourself, be genuine.

    It's true in business, as well as our social lives. You can't be anyone else nearly as well as you can be yourself.

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