Top 7 Business Steps To Grow Your Business

By Dan Knapp

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  1. Identify your brand. You will find a lot written on branding. A question to ask is: "How do my clients define my brand?" Hint: ask them.

  2. Identify exactly what makes your product or service special. This factor, known as the Unique Selling Proposition, or other similar terms, is the only reason your client does business with you.

  3. Identify your ideal client, regardless if whether or not you are working with this type client or not. Define in demographic, financial or geographic terms. The better you define the client, the better the chance to find him/her. Note: "warm body" is not a definition.

  4. Identify what media you can use to deliver your specific message to your ideal client. The media needs to be as specific as the definition of the ideal client.

  5. Repeat several times a day: "I am in the business of marketing (your product or service)." The product or service itself is not the business.

  6. Ask your current clients for testimonials and referrals. This serves two purposes. First, it reinforces their happiness with your product or service. Second, it provides you with pre- qualified clients.

  7. Remember: A satisfied client will look elsewhere for satisfying his/her needs. A WOWed (Tom Peters term) client will provide repeat business. If all you do is satisfy your clients, remember to say goodbye.

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Article Submitted On: March 09, 2000