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Top 7 Business Resolutions For The New Millennium

By Dan Knapp

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Have you noticed that January 1, 2001 is not receiving the hype of January 1, 2000? Most people aren't aware that this January actually starts the new millennium. If ever you have a reason to start fresh, this is it!

Today you will get an early start on your New Year's Resolutions.

For every resolution you choose, specify:
  • the resolution
  • the reason for the resolution
  • the standard for its accomplishment
  • the completion date
  • In 2001 in order to replentish myself, I will take at least three weeks vacation; one week late spring, one week summer and one week early fall.
  • In 2001 in order to improve my endurance and strength, I will exercise three times a week for at least 20 minutes.

Areas for resolutions with some stimulation for your consideration (you fill in your own resolutions):

  1. Family - time, communications, growing, loving, etc.

  2. Business - size, volume, employees, start, stop, change, etc.

  3. Spiritual - prayer, service, meditation, intuition, etc.

  4. Physical - weight, condition, aerobic, flexibility, strength, health, checkups, etc.

  5. Growth - intellectual, skills, knowledge, language, vocabulary, speaking, etc.

  6. Financial - debt, savings, investment, retirement, insurance, credit cards, etc.

  7. Any other areas? Travel, vacation, recreation, relocation, simplify, etc.

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Article Submitted On: January 02, 2001