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Top 7 Business Regrets And What To Do About Them

By Dan Knapp

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You are who you are today and where you are today because of the decisions you have made in your life path. If you made different decisions, you would be a different person in a different position. That result isn't necessarily good. All you know for sure is things would be different.

Ever hear of the "law of unintended results?" Good people do good things for good reasons and nothing good comes from it! How can this be? The reason is that every action we take has a result and a series of results. Even no action has a result. The problem is that every action (or inaction) also has unintended results. When you look back and decide that you should have taken a different path, you only see the intended results; you can't see the unintended results.

This reality leaves you in the present dealing with issues in the present. All in all, a good situation. Let's deal with the present looking toward the future. The past makes us who we are, the present and future make us who we will become. I like that! The past doesn't matter -- it just builds the future. Could things be better if we started 20 years ago? Maybe.

An instructor of mine spent seven years as a POW in North Vietnam after his aircraft was shot down. His acceptance of the seven years included a realization that if he had not been shot down and captured, he may have been killed on his next mission. He lives and builds a life. How about you?

  1. I should have started earlier.

  2. I should have invested in Cisco.

  3. I should have moved to...

  4. I should have kept in touch with...

  5. I should have started my own business.

  6. I should have taken that job with...

  7. I should have saved some money for...

    Add to the list if you choose. I stopped because this is a top 7 list, not a top 20 list!

    I have one answer for each and every one of these regrets --horsefeathers!!

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Article Submitted On: July 05, 2000