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Top 7 Business Opportunities For Paradox Learning

By Dan Knapp

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Paradox Learning: I have noticed that I learn the most about myself when I encounter what I refer to as paradox learning. Paradox learning takes place when I must resolve two (or more) pieces of information, both of which (or all of which) are obviously correct, yet they conflict with each other and I can't simultaneously pursue both (or all) approaches. Your initial reaction when you meet a paradox may resemble the proverbial deer in the headlight look.

Regular readers of this list realize they receive daily good advice and ideas that contradict each other! Not that the contradiction is a problem. Only how you resolve the contradiction is a problem.

I don't claim choice a or b below a better paradox learning answer for you. At the same time, how do you resolve these issues for yourself?

  1. The real value you receive from life comes from the sharing you enjoy with family & friends.

    The wages you receive come from the value you bring to the job. More hours, more reward?

  2. You progress best by a singular focus on the subject of your attention.

    You must stay flexible to allow for processing of new information.

  3. Real progress comes in the excellent pursuit of basics.

    Great improvements come from major shifts in thinking.

  4. You can pursue great research on the Internet.

    Most of what you find on the Internet (this included?) is nothing but someone's unsubstantiated opinion.

  5. You have great ideas for other to pursue.

    You don't follow your own best advice.

  6. Cancel all unnecessary magazines and newsletters.

    Regularly read outside of your area of interest to stimulate your mind.

  7. Don't brag about your successes.

    Share your successes with others in order to inspire them.


    • As near as I can tell, a smart way to start my day is to get up early in the morning so that I can: read, exercise, write, listen to tapes, keep a journal, pray, meditate, plan my day, research in the quiet, share quiet time with loved ones...no wonder I prefer to stay in bed.

    How did you resolve these paradoxes?

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Article Submitted On: September 08, 2000