Top 7 Business Card Do's and Don'ts

By Shari Hearn

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A business card is the calling card for your business, so it's important to make your business card is one people will hold onto and not throw away. Want to make sure your business card is not in the discard pile? Here are seven do's and don'ts which will get your business card into the right hands and noticed.

  1. Don't Cheap Out

    Yes, you can get business cards for free. VistaPrint.com will give you 250 business cards for free. But, you have the word "free" on the backside of the card which tells everyone you can't afford proper business cards. It doesn't cost much extra at VistaPrint to get the word "free" taken off the back of the card. Do it. And, if you're printing your own business cards make sure the card stock is heavyweight card stock. There's also nothing that says cheap like flimsy card stock.

  2. Keep it Simple

    Don't use too many different fonts or include too much information on the card. Be sure to include all the vital information on the card, such as name, phone number and address, and perhaps a main slogan for your business, but steer clear of listing everything under the sun your business can do. Make sure it's clear by quickly glancing at the card what your company's main focus is.

  3. Use a Font Large Enough to Read

    Use fonts that are large enough for people of all ages to read. If you're 28 and can read it just fine, let someone who's over 40 read it. If they have difficulty reading the type, make it larger. You don't want to lose any business due to a card that someone has to use reading glasses to read.

  4. Use a Larger Font for the Most Important Information

    If the desired action is for them to give you a call, highlight the phone number with a larger font. If it's the address, highlight the address. Don't make them have to hunt for the most important information on the card.

  5. Include your Website Address and E-mail Address

    If you don't have a website address, it's time to get one. People now are used to checking businesses out on the internet. A five-page website won't cost much, but can be the difference between gaining a new client or not.

  6. Never Use Cards with Outdated Information

    Have you ever received a business card with a phone number crossed out in black marker with another phone number written in ink next to it? All that says is "I'm too cheap to buy new cards." And that implies a business that isn't getting much business.

  7. Write an Offer on the Back of the Card

    When handing your business card to someone, make sure there's an offer on the back of the card, and hand the card to the person with the backside up so the person will see your offer. This can be 10% off your services, a free consultation, or whatever offer you think is appropriate. Give someone a reason to call you.

Shari Hearn is a writer and creator of a career training website where you can learn about many different career options, including how you can earn an online accounting degree [http://www.trainingfordifferentcareer.com/Accounting_Degree_Online.html].

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Article Submitted On: April 11, 2007