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Top 7 Bots On The Net

By Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A.

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  1. http://www.searchbots.com
    Search Bots contains many fine examples of the most efficient state-of-the-art way to search the Internet and World Wide Web using bots and intelligent agents. A must classification database to visit if searching for information on the Internet and you do not have time to perform the searches yourself.

  2. [http://www.updatebots.com]
    Update Bots This database holds the latest bots and intelligent agents that will allow you to monitor for any updated materials on the Internet and the World Wide Web. These will email you when a selected site is updated with new or changed information.

  3. [http://www.chatter-bots.com]
    Chatter Bots - Bots that "talk" are fun! This is a database listing many bots that will actually chat with you. Chat with Alice or Eliza and find out what is happening in the cyber world!

  4. [http://www.knowledgebots.com]
    Knowledge Bots Knowledge Bots database offers a significant number of intelligent agents, agent information, agent laboratories, knowledgebots, artificial intelligence laboratories, cyberagents, internet agents, world wide web agents and many intelligent based search vehicles.

  5. http://www.newsbots.com
    News Bots News Bots features bots that will create your custom newspapers or clip articles for you in newspapers all over the world. News Groups' Bots subdirectory allows one to monitor all the newsgroups on the Internet for keywords and other selected data sets and to bring that information back to your email address or to a predetermined web page.

  6. http://www.shoppingbots.com
    Shopping Bots The classification of Shopping Bots continues to grow as more and more Internauts enjoy bots and intelligent agents doing their shopping and price comparison live on the World Wide Web. New advances are happening almost daily.

  7. http://www.commercebots.com
    Commerce Bots are bots that perform commerce activities on the World Wide Web and the Internet.

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Article Submitted On: July 09, 1998