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Top 7 Best Times To Answer Sales Objections

By Joe Marino

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Even the best sales people can be thrown off their intention by a strong objection. Our apprehensions over "What if he/she asks this?" can often be what is subtly communicated to the client that makes him/her uncomfortable and unwilling to move.

Take control of the situation. Be aggressive in defusing the objection before the sparks on the fuse make you run from an explosion thatís never going to happen!

Your real goal is to make the prospect comfortable enough to sign the deal. They might have objections they donít talk about. Then what? Itís your job to get them all answered.

  1. In the very first contact with a prospect.

    You shake someoneís hand and exchange business cards. (Or, at least, get his/hers!) Itís a terrific opportunity to say something like, "You know how buying a used car can often be such a hassle? What I do for my customers is make the experience a pleasant one."

  2. In an initial mail or email contact.

    "I met you at the chamber mixer and we exchanged business cards. Iím aware that many people consider life insurance as being too expensive and not something they want to talk about. I can help you with that."

  3. Prior to the presentation.

    "Iím looking forward to our meeting. I know youíll be ready to take action once you have all the right information and itís certainly my intention to come prepared."

  4. Before an objection comes up in the presentation.

    "There are two (three/four/whatever) things 95% of my clients ask, so let me give you these facts."

  5. When an objection comes up.

    "Thatís an excellent question (or point) and an important one. Iím glad you asked it. Youíll be happy to know weíve thought about that."

  6. After an objection comes up.

    "Youíll be happy to know that other people have asked that same question. If youíd be kind enough to give me a minute or two, Iíll be answering that for you."

  7. Never.

    "Thereís no question that thereís a price connected to you getting your needs met. We just have to work together and help you find the money to do it."

Joe Marino is a Speaker and Personal Success Coach who publishes the bi-weekly e-zine, LifeCanBeGood NEWS. He wants you to know, "You can have the courage to do less and earn more with a life in balance." You can visit his Web Site at [http://www.LifeCanBeGood.com], call him by telephone at (904) 247-4065 or email

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Article Submitted On: September 27, 2000