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Top 7 Benefits of Working With A Virtual Assistant

By Pat Zickefoose

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  1. You no longer need to spend your valuable time on those tasks you don't have time for or are not able to do.

  2. You do not need to provide a physical workspace or equipment for your VA to use.

  3. You do not need to deal with payroll, taxes, or benefits.

  4. You can accelerate growth by finally having the time to focus on the most important issues of your business.

  5. You have flexibility to assume new, challenging opportunities.

  6. You have peace of mind knowing that the details are being taken care of.

  7. You are finally able to run your business instead of it running you.

Today's Top7Business Article Was Submitted by Pat Zickefoose, Virtual Assistant. Pat performs a wide range of office functions for her clients without setting foot in their office. By partnering with her clients, she provides the support required to help them effectively grow their business and create more free time.

To learn more, contact Pat at (972) 617-0353 or send an email to

To view her website, visit http://www.myhomepage.net/~pjzick/virtual.htm

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Article Submitted On: August 26, 1999