Top 7 Benefits of Meditation

By Dan Knapp

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Meditation is the active mental investigation of a subject. People find their own ways to meditate. Some common methods: prayer, journaling, walking, playing solitaire, listen to classical music, sitting still, psychic investigation, talking to a coach or mentor, looking at art, doodling, and any other way that works for you. Here are seven benefits of meditation:

  1. You've told yourself you want to meditate. When you meditate, you have the satisfaction of completing a goal.

  2. You become more sensitive to your environment. You know more about what is happening around you.

  3. You become more sensitive to the needs of others. Your relationships improve.

  4. You open a creative link to the universe. Good ideas flow.

  5. You reduce the stress in your life. You enjoy your life more.

  6. You see your long term goals more clearly. Your life takes on a deeper meaning.

  7. You can sincerely recommend meditation to others. You now speak with credibility.

Dan Knapp, life and personal coach.

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Article Submitted On: February 02, 2001