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Top 7 Benefits of Hiring a Professional Writer

By Maggie Dennison

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It's easy to assume that all you need to write great marketing materials is a pen, a notebook and the ability to put words on paper. The truth is that the right tools only make sense if you know how to use them well for your specific purpose.

Sure, the tools are a start. But you have to choose the words carefully. You have to understand the psychological effects of how you're expressing yourself. Otherwise it's hard to put the words together in a way that grabs your prospects in the gut.

For dynamic words that make your prospects sit up and take notice, consider hiring a professional writer.

  1. It costs less to delegate to a professional than to waste your valuable time trying to do it yourself.

  2. You'll stop wasting thousands of dollars on material that doesn’t work.

  3. You can be confident that you have a professional product, and that you’ll be perceived as professional.

  4. A good marketing writer knows how to get into the mind of your ideal client and write materials that appeals to her hot buttons and gets her excited at the propect of working with you.

  5. A good marketing writer knows the difference between the kind of “good writing” you learned in school, and writing that gets results.

  6. You get a fresh perspective on your business: a professional writer helps you to look at your business from a new angle.

  7. You wouldn’t go to a dentist who’d never filled a tooth before. So why not apply the same thinking to aspects of your business where you’re not an expert?

Maggie Dennison is a Marketing Consultant and Writer. She is the author of "11 Steps To Marketing Materials That Get You Clients NOW!" Maggie holds a Master's Degree in Applied Psychology, and is fascinated with what triggers people to do the things they do. And that's exactly what marketing materials are all about. Pick up a free report "11 Keys to Website Content That Works" at her website http://MyMarketingmessage.com/

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Article Submitted On: March 03, 2006