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Top 7 Aspects to Check While Buying Bosch Drill Machines

By Mark Batham

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A drilling machine is highly useful for usage in a variety of purposes ranging from creating holes to demolition work. But to ensure that the drill machine you use is a highly versatile one, you will have to be very specific when looking for a drill machine. Here are some of the important factors which you will need to pay attention to while buying a Bosch drill machine: -

  1. Do you require a corded or cordless model?

    This is one of the first things to which you will have to pay attention to when you start looking for a drill machine. If your primary consideration is the convenience, then cordless drilling machines would be the ideal choice for you. As long the machine’s battery is adequately charged, you can use it virtually anywhere.

    But, the battery life may not be very high each time you charge your Bosch drilling machine. From that perspective, corded drilling machines are a better option as they do not have any issue with battery charging. Therefore, they are a better option for usage over long hours. However cordless drill machines are safer to use since there is no chance of tripping over.

  2. Chuck selection

    The chuck is the component which is responsible for holding a drill machine’s bits at one place. Chucks are of different sizes such as ¼’’, ½’’ and 3/8’’. Going by the existing trends, 3/8’’ are the most widely used. If the model you are using has a larger diameter, then you should opt for a ½’’ chuck. If you do not require larger bits, you can opt for a 3/8’’ chuck would provide you with a higher bit speed.

    Chucks are primarily of two types-keyed and keyless. A keyed chuck is primarily used for tightening and losing machine bits of a drill machine. On the other hand, a keyless chuck will require being held by the hands. You will have to tighten the bits while the drill is being powered.

    Keyed drill machines have an upper hand and can hold bits more firmly. Therefore, the drill machines do not easily slip into the chuck while drilling. They will also make it easy for you to change the drilling machine bits. Therefore, you won’t need to store your kits with a high level of care.

  3. Check the variable speed

    You will need to pay specific attention to this feature if you intend to use the machine for driving screws. Even if you don’t use Bosch power tools for such purpose, it is the variable speed which will enable you to create clean holes with proficiency.

  4. Reverse

    It is the reversible action which will enable you to remove bits which may get stuck. This is an important area to which you need to keep in mind unless you use the machine for driving screws. A keyless chuck will always have this feature since it is the only way through which you can take out the bit.

  5. Verify the speed range settings

    This is a highly important feature if the drill machine is to be utilised for drilling. Low bit speeds will enable you to drive screws flawlessly.

  6. Torque clutch

    It is with the support of the clutch that you can set a maximum torque point beyond which the machine will stop running. Therefore, it helps to ensure the screws do not get over driven into any surface. You will be able to drive a large number of screws as a result.

  7. Battery

    While buying a battery, you will need to pay attention to the type of batteries require, especially if you are using a cordless drill. Lithium Ion batteries are better option as compared to NiMH batteries since they are more strong and durable. They don’t have problems with memories and are eco-friendlier.

The author is a blogger with expertise in issues related to industrial power tools. Writing is his passion. He has written many insightful reviews related to Bosch drill machines in the past.

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Article Submitted On: February 28, 2017