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Top 7 Articles On Business Failure, To Help You Succeed

By Maria Marsala

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Business owners have been given a gift. Many before us have failed and succeeded. Not only that, we've been given articles on the "why" that's happened. Once you know why your business isn't doing as well as you know it can, then do what's next: create a plan and take action to turn that plan into a reality!

Use the articles below to realistically help you determine what's not working. And while you're at it, remember to celebrate all you've done and all you are doing that is working

  1. Reasons Why Businesses Fail - Wisconsin SCORE Office


  2. Business Closed: The Story Behind The Sign by John T. Self


  3. Top Ten Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs


  4. How To Succeed In Business by Brian Tracy


  5. Why Businesses Fail


  6. The Simple Truth About Why Businesses Fail - and Why "Modeling Others" is the Quickest and Easiest Way to Avoid it by Mal Emery


  7. Why Businesses Fail -- And Why You Should Know By Mark Landsbaum


Maria Marsala, is a nationally known business builder who helps women-owned service businesses increase their bottom line in less time. A former Wall Street trader and manager, she uses her business expertise to create 6 S.I.M.P.L.E. Business Steps, a program developed to help her clients succeed. Learn more at ">http://www.ElevatingYourBusiness.com

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Article Submitted On: October 06, 2004