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Top 7 Article Writing Secrets: Where Do I Get Ideas?

By Lisa Sparks

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Why pay someone else to write articles for you? By following a set format you can write tons of articles all on your own. Here are some ways to make that happen:

  1. All good articles follow a pre-set format.

    I like to call these formats the bones or the skeleton of an article. Without good bone structure, the article won't look good, and more importantly, it won't be easy to read.

  2. There are no more original ideas.

    Face it. As you think of that new article idea, know that it's already been done. But take heart. Its probable that nobody has heard the idea in quite the way you present it. You may be the only one with the right words to explain the idea to a particular audience. So write, write, write and draw your inspiration from several sources. Bottom line: Take several articles about a certain subject and boil them down into a 250-, 500- or 750-word article.

  3. Write how you speak.

    When you use a conversational tone in your writing, you're bound to develop a great relationship with readers. Showing your sense of humor or a quick turn of phrase could make the difference between 1,000 subscribers or 10,000. It's all in the voice you use in your articles.

  4. Read your article aloud.

    If you pause, hesitate or wrinkle your brow, your readers probably will too. Eliminate those pause-causing words and you'll be well on your way to creating tons of personality-filled articles.

  5. Visualize sharing this article with a colleague.

    How would you speak to a respected member of your industry who has come to you for advice? When you're writing, imagine yourself speaking to a friend or associate. This will make for a well-balanced, intelligent and conversational tone. Go for it!

  6. Use a proofreader.

    Choose someone good and relatively inexpensive to help you out. A good proofreader will save you more money than you could ever pay her or him. For a relatively conservative investment, you can save yourself the reputation-busting hassles of typos, incomplete sentences and grammatical errors that even professional writers fall prey to.

  7. Stop thinking about it!

    Ever heard of analysis paralysis? Many writers, both pros and those just starting out, spend hours staring out computer screens with no ideas rising to the surface. Instead of doing that, get out and about. Get your mind off of the issue at hand. You'll find that's time when you'll get your best ideas.

Lisa Sparks, marketing expert, is finally revealing every article writing trick, tip, idea, strategy and tactic she's learned over her 16-year career as an editor and marketing geek. More free advice at:

Article Submitted On: September 30, 2006