Top 7 Applications for Hydraulic Cylinders

By Tim New

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Many people take hydraulic cylinders for granted. Most often overlooked, but responsible for powering much of the heavy equipment that keeps this world turning, hydraulic cylinders deserve a little recognition. Check out the top 7 applications for hydraulic cylinders that you probably never even knew.

  1. Construction Equipment

  2. Forestry Equipment

  3. Refuse/Garbage Equipment

  4. Outriggers

  5. Marine

  6. Industrial Equipment

  7. Dump Trucks

A Texas native, Timothy New received a BBA in accounting and an MBA in management from the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, Texas. He started at Hydra Kinetics in 1994 and today is President/CEO of the company. As a business leader in the community, he has served on various committees including PTO President and Scoutmaster for a local Boy Scout troop. http://www.hydrakinetics.com

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Article Submitted On: February 01, 2008