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Top 7 Amazing Benefits the Incredible Inbound Links Generate for You

By Kanaga Siva

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It is unbelievable but true, the amazing things the Inbound Links do for you. Inbound Links are often associated with traffic but how many of us give serious thought to the fact that these links play a major role in projecting you as an Expert, Creating Awareness for your Products, Generating Revenue, Increasing Link Popularity and helping your website to attain a Top Place in the Search Engine results. Let us explore the Amazing Benefits they generate for you.

  1. Link Popularity and Page Rank:

    Search Engines consider link popularity as a crucial factor in measuring the page rank of a website. Link Popularity is a measure of the number of inbound links of quality and relevance that point to your website. The more number of such links the more popular your website will be and the more popular it is the higher the page rank it will attain. Search Engines especially Google consider such sites as important and place them at the top of their search results for their respective keywords. Google is today by far the most popular search engine and who wants to be left out by Google?

  2. Traffic:

    Not all websites can appear at the top of the search results for their keywords. Hence the traffic from the search engines can be minimal for most sites. The savior for such websites is the inbound links that bring traffic they desperately need. The more number of these links you have the more traffic you can expect. Thus the links that point to your site from Directories, Reciprocal links, Resource Boxes, Forums and Testimonials play a very significant role in driving traffic to your website.

  3. Product Awareness:

    The visitors who visit your website via the inbound links do so for various reasons and one of these is to learn more about the products you have to offer. Irrespective of whether they purchase a product or not, you are creating a great awareness for your product in the Internet world with the help of these links.

  4. Generating Revenue:

    The targeted traffic that comes to your site through the inbound links is all potential customers. If they are impressed with the genuineness of the website and content, some of them are bound to become your customers either immediately or at a subsequent stage thus generating revenue.

  5. Expert Author:

    Writing quality articles and publishing them in Article Directories with your URL in the Resource Box not only brings in traffic but also projects your image to the Internet community as an authority in your field of expertise. These one-way inbound links are highly valued and they multiply virally as other webmasters begin to publish your article thus bringing fame to you as an Expert Author.

  6. Anchor Text Boost:

    The URL of your site in the inbound link does not indicate to the search engine what your site is all about. Having a keyword embedded Anchor Text in the link will help the search engine to identify your site easily. Correct use of the Anchor Text will help you show the relevancy of your web page to search engines to help them boost your rank for the required keyword.

  7. Authority Site:

    Once you have several pages of excellent unique content, other sites will link to your site with the idea of providing good content to their visitors, while certain other high ranking websites would want to be your link partners. Before long Search Engines will accept yours as an authority site and you will rank high in the search results enjoying enormous benefits such as high page rank and huge traffic.

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