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Top 7 Advanced Affiliate Marketing Strategies

By Melanie Mendelson

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If you want to make more money as an affiliate promoting other people's products, you have to set yourself apart from other affiliates. Here are seven advanced strategies that will help you do so:

  1. Mailing List

    Build your own mailing list of prospects. Keep promoting different affiliate programs to the people on your list, as opposed to losing the visitor forever once they clicked over to the merchant's site.

  2. Success Stories

    Write an inspirational success story on how this product helped you or someone you know. After identifying with your success story, many people will be ready to buy.

  3. Reviews

    Write a detailed review of the product with pros and cons. Of course, the pros should outweigh the cons. People will trust the review much more than a sales pitch.

  4. Pay Per Click

    Try Pay Per Click advertising on Google Adwords and Overture. Start out with a small budget to test the waters. If your sales commissions are greater than the cost of advertising, continue and expand your Pay Per Click campaign.

  5. Blogs

    Start a blog on a subject relevant to affiliate programs that you promote. Add affiliate links to your posts. Search engines love blogs, so you will get a lot of traffic.

  6. Articles

    Write articles related to the product or service you promote. At the end of your articles, include your author bio with your affiliate link. Other websites will publish your articles and bring you free targeted traffic.

  7. Tracking

    Always track how many visitors you are sending to each affiliate program, and how many sales you get from those visitors. This way you will separate the winning affiliate programs from the losers, and focus on promoting the most profitable ones.

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Article Submitted On: December 05, 2005