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Top 7 Actions in Attraction

By Joanne Baskin

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By now we have all been exposed to “The Secret” and the notion of positive thoughts bringing about positive feelings and energy therefore attracting positive experiences and results into our lives. We need to be inspired to act accordingly to our deepest wants and deepest values. Actions which are “inspired” are therefore those which marry what we feel passionately about with what we do. When emotions and passion begin to underpin our actions, then we are transformed towards creating new behaviors drawing in desired situations and new opportunities!

  1. Ask yourself, “What am I grateful for today in my business?” It may be as simple as, “I love that I have the freedom to set my own schedule!” Write it down or use your response as a meditative affirmation.

  2. Visualize. See yourself as a model of what you want to achieve and allow your emotions of pride and self-validation generate positive energy.

  3. Set an intention for the day. Rather than concentrating on objectives and goals, use intention as a flexible and organic stretch towards what you want. For example, “Today I will create new relationships which will take me one step closer to….”

  4. Look for clues. Conversations, images or thoughts often enter into our minds frequently during the day which we ignore. Make a conscious choice to mindfully ask yourself, “Is there an opportunity here?” or, “Can this person or situation help me in some way?”

  5. Ask questions. Our own open and questioning mind can generate a flow of creativity which will attract the right people and right situations.

  6. Self-refer. Trusting our own intuition will guide us in the decision-making process. If it feels good, it probably is!

  7. Celebrate. Acknowledging even small daily steps will create more positive energy

Joanne Baskin is a Certified Professional Coach with ignitus Solopreneur Coaching. "ignitus" will help start up and solopreneurs create a compelling business vision, accompany them through their goal-setting while establishing work and life balance. [http://www.ignitus.ca] 514-808-7386

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Article Submitted On: October 16, 2007