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Top 7 2Checkout Credit Card Processing Advantages

By J. Stephen Pope

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Here are seven good reasons why you should consider 2Checkout.com (also known as 2CO) as your credit card processing solution and merchant account alternative.

  1. Accept Credit Cards Without a Merchant Account:

    For an initial fee of $49.00, you can accept all major
    credit cards as well as online checks. Fees are 5.5% of
    sales and $0.45 per transaction.

  2. Handle Both Intangible and Tangible Products:

    While ClickBank.com restricts itself to digital products,
    2Checkout can handle both digital and physically shipped

  3. Shopping Cart:

    Whereas ClickBank handles only single sales, with
    2Checkout, you receive a shopping cart. Alternatively,
    many third-party shopping carts integrate with

  4. Integration With Third-Party Affiliate Programs:

    2Checkout integrates with third-party affiliate programs
    such as ClixGalore.

  5. Eliminate Sales Tax Problems:

    Since you must agree to sell your product to 2Checkout for
    resale, 2Checkout becomes the retailer responsible for
    collecting sales taxes -- not you. This simplifies or
    eliminates sales tax administration for you.

  6. Fraud Detection:

    With 2Checkout, you have to wait until they complete their
    fraud detection checks before you deliver the product. This
    protects the merchant as well as the customer.

  7. Other Advantages:

    As well, 2Checkout features free on-line support, their own
    affiliate program, and more. Your products are also
    searchable from shopping center links on their website,
    thus giving you more exposure. 2Checkout also allows for
    multi-currency transactions which enable customers to buy
    in their own local currency. According to the 2Checkout.com
    website, this improves sales and reduces credit card disputes.


J. Stephen Pope, President of Pope Consulting Inc.,
has been helping clients to earn maximum business
profits for over twenty-five years.

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Article Submitted On: November 04, 2005