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The following 7 guidelines have helped me immensely with building my sales and management business,

By Drs. Martien Eerhart

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  1. Show case your knowledge at association meetings. Makes sure all attendants leave with a hand-out with your name and phone number.

  2. Send Press releases to talk radio stations for interviews to talk about your area of expertise.

  3. Give a workshop at a local college for adult education. They are always looking for people with knowledge in your area.

  4. Start a column in a publication. People will start to recognize you (especially when you add your picture to the heading).

  5. Clip the articles that are published about you, copy them, and send them to your database of contacts. Other people writing about you is more powerful then you writing about your own services.

  6. Write about a future trend, and why you believe that will take place. Use this for your Press Release. The nice thing about predictions is that it is always news.

  7. Give an award to someone, and use this for your press release. You will get exposure especially if the award is something unusual.

Drs. Martien Eerhart,
Teaching Success Strategies for the nineties

Source: https://Top7Business.com/?expert=Drs._Martien_Eerhart

Article Submitted On: May 09, 1998