The Top 7 Ways To Create Incredible Buzz For Your Business

By Christopher M. Knight

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"Buzz can be defined as anything which makes people talk about your business, in a cult like fashion, producing 'ooodles' of free publicity for your business."

  1. Invent a new word for your industry. I know, I hate it when folks do this too, but unfortunately AND fortunately, it WORKS!

  2. Invent a new process, system, cycle, or technique for your product or service. Do a PR release for it.

  3. Get a programmer to create one of those dancing baby cha cha's, have it animate your name, product, service, and at the end, give your phone number, email, URL, etc.... What? You didn't know this was a Buzz publicity stunt?

  4. Sponsor something wild. Protest something which has a majority favorable / positive public response. Get up on a billboard, and bring a radio station, and do the show from 80 feet up.

  5. A continual flow of Press Releases to your target universe aid in creating great, stronger 'Buzz'. Also, if you can get an endorsement, by someone who is respected in the marketplace you are advertising, this will do wonders for giving your 'Buzz' a boost.

  6. Don't confuse Buzz with Hype. Hype is bull. Buzz is truth and excitement about something folks want to believe in.

  7. Negative Buzz is not good Buzz. Bad PR is Bad PR, and no PR is just as bad as Bad PR. Got it? :)

This Piece Was Submitted By Entrepreneur, Author, Business Builder and Email/Web/Internet Strategist, Christopher M. Knight.

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Article Submitted On: May 04, 1998