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The Beatles' Top 7 Reasons for Working with a Personal Coach

By Drew Rozell, Ph.D.

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Hey Jude, hey Bulldog, Julia, Martha, my dear...

Do you want to know a secret?

Please please me by reading on to discover the Beatles' Top 7 reasons how working with a personal coach could assist you in reaching your professionals goals while ensuring that you are living a very cool life as well.

  1. WE CAN WORK IT OUT -- Got some challenges in your life? A hole that needs fixing? Want to learn how to communicate better and have better relationships with everyone around you? Your coach can help make everything come together. Just the two of us.

  2. IF I NEEDED SOMEONE -- Hey, we all need some help carry that weight sometimes. A coach is there whenever you need him or her. You are a call or email away from your customized personal support system (the kind that does not overload your friends or significant other, either). Anytime at all, all you got to do is call, and your coach will be there!

  3. BABY YOU'RE A RICH MAN -- Get coached and dramatically increase your profitability. Money, that's what I want!

  4. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER -- Lots of time, trying to get perspective on our own lives is like trying to look through a glass onion. A coach provides a fresh perspective; another set of eyes -- eyes that are subjective enough always want the best for you, but objective enough to always tell you the truth. Bounce your important decisions off your coach and they will be better. Guaranteed.

  5. ACT NATURALLY -- Lots of us spend too much time doing the things we feel like we 'should do', rather than getting in touch with who we really are, leveraging our unique strengths, and orienting ourselves around our passions. Working with a coach, you'll ensure that you always think for yourself, be yourself and you'll be successful in all you touch. And your bird can sing, my friend!

  6. I WILL -- Sure, there's lots of things you CAN do. But lots of times, you may let your progress slide from one week to the next. With the accountability that a good coach provides, you'll find yourself saying, "I will" when discussing your goals for the week a lot more. And meaning it. That's where you'll see the results you want most and you'll never be just another fool on the hill.

  7. OB LA DI OB LA DA -- Feel like you're working eight days a week? Had a hard day's night? Things feeling a little helter skelter? Sometimes it's easy to get so swept up in goals and work that we forget that life is supposed to be fun. The whimsy of life is the point -- I mean, it's supposed to be a magical mystery tour, right? A coach will make sure you're having fun, and always ready to twist and shout.

Drew Rozell, Ph.D. is a professional personal and business coach and Beatles fan. He specializes in the success and happiness of professionals, small business owners, executives, coaches, and all other adventurous, dynamic folks...worldwide. You can sign up for a free coaching session, subscribe to his free newsletter, and learn more about him and his services at http://www.evolutioncoaching.com. Hire a coach and get your ticket to ride!

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Article Submitted On: December 05, 2000