Teleseminars: Top 7 Reasons to Offer Teleseminars and Teleclasses To Future and Current Clients

By Julie Jordan Scott

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Entrepreneurs, Authors, Coaches, Trainers and all sorts of experts the world-over are quickly learning the value of incorporating Teleseminars and Teleclasses as a method to reach – and have a positive impact upon - current and prospective clients. You can increase your effectiveness – and your bottom line – immediately by utilizing this format for the delivery of information.

  1. Reach a worldwide audience with your message instantly. Stretch beyond where you can fly, drive, or take the train on a moment’s notice.

  2. Perfect your public speaking skills from your home office (or current workspace). No need to invest in new clothes, no need to go anywhere

  3. Be seen as an expert and increase your name recognition. Participants in teleseminars and teleclasses have a tendency to be action oriented, interested and change-making people – excellent word-of-mouth-spreaders.

  4. Test the marketplace to see if a particular subject matter would be of interest with minimal time, financial and energetic investment

  5. Create another income stream without creating any new content: instead, simply recycle previously written material delivered here in a new format.

  6. Discover a new way to engage audiences – in live formats you may use props and different visual aids. In Teleseminars and Teleclasses, you will find ways to use your voice (and listening skills with the participants) in ways you never imagined were possible.

  7. Finally – simply have a blast doing what you love the most: teaching and speaking about an area of expertise – and helping others along the way. What could be better than that?

Success Coach Julie Jordan Scott has been teaching Teleseminars and Teleclasses for 5 years through her award winning website, http://www.5passions.com. How to Teach Teleclasses and Teleseminars That Change Lives is her newest offering and may be found here:[http://www.5passions.com/teleclasshowto.html]

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Article Submitted On: December 02, 2004