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TOP 7 Tips for IT Sales

By Antonina Shashenko

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In today’s highly competitive business arena, no matter how good your products or services are, the biggest contributing factor for your company growth is the ability to create an effective sales strategy. Below there are some basic steps for IT sales to improve sales performance.

  1. Learn your target audience.

    It is essential to be specific at this stage. Make sure to research your potential customers, their needs and challenges. Selling to everyone is an effective path to a setback. One size hardly ever fits all, and you look much stronger if you care enough about the business to invest in the research.

  2. Choose the right sales channel.

    Today there are more than ten main sales channels in IT (e-marketplaces, LinkedIn, mass mailing, cold calls, etc.). It is necessary to search and configure its own sales channels for each company basing on sales competence, company size and specificities of services provided.

  3. Client's company size matters.

    There is an established practice that a customer seeks to cooperate with a similar sized provider. As a rule, it's easy to work with such a provider in terms of business process structure.

  4. Choose the right region.

    The more popular the region is, the higher competition there is. For example, many New York design agencies complain about a great amount of spam per day with proposals of cooperation. It's better to pay attention to such countries as Canada, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Norway.

  5. Be aware of your company services.

    It's essential to know what services your company provides, its working methodologies, main technologies company uses, core projects and products developed, etc. Try not to deny your clients if their requests don't match your company's competence. You can always share the competence with your partners. Find some trusted software development company to meet market challenges.

  6. Learn about your prospective client business.

    It is easier to sell your services to the customers knowing their business issues and challenges. Subscribe to the professional portals of your potential audience, read what they read, learn the specifics of their businesses and enjoy your successful deals.

  7. Response time is a big deal.

    It is necessary to value every minute of your potential client. Try to respond in no time to your customer requests. Thus, you make a positive impression on your customer. Let it be just a short message that you've got a request and going to get in touch as soon as possible.

Antonina Shashenko is a tech editor at EffectiveSoft, one of leading IT services providers. The company has more than 250 experienced specialists who have vast expertise across different industries.

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Article Submitted On: March 31, 2017