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Reasons Why There's Poor Water Pressure In Your Home

By Tom Buchanan

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Experiencing low water pressure while you're in your shower pampering yourself, at your faucet washing dishes, or perhaps even your watering plants with your backyard hose can be most disheartening. There are many reasons why water pressure may be low. It's like a power outage. Once you see it happened in your home, you have to rule out whether your household is the only one experiencing this problem.

If you get to talk to your friends and find out they're facing this predicament, too, you know you have to call your water supply provider. In times like this, it's the utility company's responsibility to act on it, while it's your duty to keep them informed.

Then again, if this is an isolated case of poor water pressure, maybe it's about time to call Pete the Plumber or your preferred Calgary service. In the meantime, we've rounded up a list of reasons why you could be enduring low water pressure at home.

  1. Needs Some Cleaning

    The majority of contemporary faucets and showerheads are designed with an aerator strategically located at their tip. An aerator is an important peripheral of any faucet or showerhead fitting, utterly because it conserves fresh water, screens out debris, and protects against splashing.

    Having mineral depositions in your water supply can trigger these aerators to generate dirt buildup, which minimizes the water pressure in the long run. To avoid this, you can conveniently clean your aerator screens by dismantling them and start submerging these filters in white vinegar for a few hours.

  2. Age Matters

    If you have never replaced out your showerhead in years or your plumber mounted a low-flow showerhead to save up on your water bill, you might end up having lower water pressure. Our Calgary plumbing experts can provide you a multitude of choices for showerhead replacements that include a high-pressure option, or a solution to this plumbing nightmare.

  3. There's a leak kicking around in your home.

    When your home water system has a substantial leakage or two, it's probable that you would also encounter lowered water pressure AND a skyrocketing increase on your water bill.

    These leaks can be perplexing to identify as they can often go undetected. That is until they result in a more substantial dilemma in the home. If you are concerned about having these leakages around the house, do not hesitate to call any experienced plumbers in Calgary who can inspect your pipes and fittings against any leak or puncture.

  4. Your pipes are starting to get too old.

    Corrosion and buildup can happen to your water pipes, especially when your home water system hasn't experienced any re-piping in its entire lifespan or decades, whichever actually applies. The point is, while pipes should be sturdy enough to last a few years, there can be lime and mineral deposits that can cause water clogs, thus affecting the water pressure in the entire home or an individual pipeline.

  5. Clogs

    There is a variety of sediment and minerals that begin coating the inside of your water pipes, eventually leading to the lowering of the water pressure in certain areas of the home. You can test this quickly by comparing bathroom faucets to the kitchen, or laundry room to outdoor hose faucets.

  6. Partially Shut Valves

    Consistent low water pressure throughout the home, or in central areas can mean that a water valve has been partially shut off, or is failing. The problem is generally fixed once the valve is opened wider. Replacement of the valve is rarely necessary. Locations of the valves can vary, but they are normally along the intake water lines near faucets and water outlets. There is also a pressure release valve and water main valve that when restricted will reduce the flow of water to a noticeable degree.

  7. Look for other sources of low water pressure

    If you can't pinpoint the cause of your low water pressure to just one or two faucets in the house, it's probably an overall problem.

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Article Submitted On: April 06, 2017