My Top 7 Favorite Leadership Books

By Chris Widener

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  1. The West Point Way of Leadership GREAT book by a man who taught leadership at West Point for 20 years.

  2. Developing the Leader Within You All around book. Follow-up book is Developing the Leaders Around You.

  3. Lincoln On Leadership Looks at the Life of Honest Abe and the lessons of leadership he exhibited.

  4. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People A classic on everybody's list.

  5. Servant Leadership Reminds us we serve those who follow.

  6. Leadership Jazz Lots about shaping the values of an organization.

  7. Oh The Places You'll Go (Okay, it is a Dr. Seuss Book, but I kid you not, this could be subtitled Leadership Lessons for Little Kids... And Big Kids Too. I read it to my kids often and am reminded of what it takes to have a successful journey.)

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Article Submitted On: August 03, 1998