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Fear: The Top 7 Ways to Manage Fear

By Suzan Bond

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There's a little known secret about successful people. They have fear. They're sucessful because theyíve learned how to manage it. If allowed to roam free on its own accord, fear can really get in the way of being successful. Fear gets in the way of accomplishing your goals. It gets in the way of your intuition, a critical skill for making strong decisions. The more you manage your fear, the sooner youíll accomplish your goals. Itís as simple as that.

  1. Raise your awareness.

    When I work with the clients the biggest culprit in managing fear is that they donít even recognize that theyíre fearful! Itís impossible to manage your fear if you donít even know that its there. A powerful way to manage fear is to start by simply noticing when your fears are present. Knowing when theyíre present gives you the opportunity to make a new choice.

  2. Accept it.

    Stop resisting. Stop beating yourself up for having fear. Accept that you have fears. Everyone has fear, even those who seem like they donít. Itís important to our survival. Fear can tell us when to avoid a dangerous situation. It can also tell us when to proceed with caution. Obviously, we donít want to get rid of something that can be so useful to us.

  3. But donít argue with it.

    Trying to analyze or be rational with your fears will never work. Itís a beeís nest that you donít want to kick. Arguing with your fears is like arguing with a very good trial attorney. Youíll never win. Like attorneys, your fears are trained to win an argument. Truth be told, your fears are prepared to win at any cost. You wonít win, so donít even try it. The best thing you can do is not to engage your fear in an argument.

  4. Put a limit on it.

    Donít let it run wild at its own whimsy. Place a limit on how long you allow yourself to worry or be in fear. Let yourself really feel the fear. Then, put your attention on something else like how to conquer a challenge youíre facing or simply do something more pleasurable.

  5. Ask your intuition.

    Tapping into your intuition while in the midst of a fear attack may seem challenging, if not impossible. It is possible. If you can do it, youíll learn how to manage your fears more easily. When stuck in fear, go for a walk or something physical. Then call on your intuition for answers.

  6. Remove yourself from people or situations that induce fear.

    Why put yourself in situations that only increase your fear? It may be a negative co-worker or someone whoís critical of your dreams. For me thatís means not watching the local evening news. The majority of the stories are about negative that involve, death, murder and mayhem. Discover what makes your fear worse and avoid it.

  7. Ask for help.

    If youíre really stuck in fear, it may be time to get outside help. Find others who have gone through a situation similar to the one youíre facing. Talk to a friend about your fears, rather than letting them bottle up inside you. You donít have to go through it alone.

Suzan Bond, CPCC is a professional coach and intuition facilitator. She specializes in helping business owners, professionals and businesses to use their intuition to:

- Make great decisions.

- Deal with uncertainty.

- Develop creative & innovative ideas.

- Change bad habits like perfectionism & procrastination.

You can sign up for a complimentary coaching consultation, subscribe to her free newsletter and learn more about Suzan and her services at http://www.suzanbond.com

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Article Submitted On: November 16, 2004