Eating Healthy: Top 7 Tips to a Healthier You

By Eric L. Huntley

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Our bodies are constantly waging a 24 hour war against a myriad of microbes and toxins that continually try to sabotage our health. New research strongly suggests that undetected microbes can live in the body for years causing everything from heart diease to obesity. The decisions we make now may determine whether we have choices later. What's your life worth?

  1. Look for supplements that contain the latest immune supporting compounds and offer:

    1. micronutrients that confer maximum dissolution, absorption and bioavailability

    2. the right compound ratios and combinations

    3. pharmaceutical grade nutraceuticals

    4. state-of-the art research and development departments

    5. self-imposed quality control

  2. Before you eat that cheeseburger consider the fact that high fat diets can compromise your immune system.

  3. Sugar consumption impairs the ability of white blood cells to destory bacteria. Is it any wonder why our children are always sick.

  4. Adequate intake of calcium/magnesium in our younger years could help prevent the high and costly incidence of hip fractures in our older years.

  5. Exercise 3-5 days a week be it jogging, walking, bike riding, weightlifting, etc.. As important as exercise is, it is clearly not the entire answer.

  6. The use of any natural therapy takes time and patience. Overnight results are not the rule. The secret to tapping into natural healing hinges on our willingness to learn what compounds are effective and how to use them properly.

  7. The best offense is a good defense. The key to health protection is to keep blood levels of antioxidants, transfer factors, minerals etc. at therapeutic levels by consistent and daily dietary supplementation.

Eric L. Huntley has 23 years experience in nutritional supplemetation and exercise. He is a distributor of patent 4life products. Visit his website [http://www.my4life.com/emone] to learn how transfer factors can improve your immune system.

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Article Submitted On: November 16, 2004