Cinema Advertising: Top 7 Cinema Advertising Programs

By Brad Filbey

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Cinema Advertising has experienced a 48% growth in 2004 for on screen advertising and 79% growth with Lobby Promotions. Cinema Advertising is the fastest growing medium in the US. Multiple touch points can be used in a relaxed enaged setting.

  1. Utilize your local theater to play :30 television type commercial before movies on new digital technology. You can promote your product or service to an engaged audience in captive setting. (Movie goers are higher then average disposable income consumers)

  2. Many theaters offer concession area plasma screens that can also play your commercials to 59% of movie goers that buy concession items.

  3. Box office Handouts sample through the Box Office window directly to patrons. Programs may be targeted across all ratings or by specific rating. Past programs include brochures, bounce back coupon offers, CDís, etc.

  4. Interactive lobby displays are available to provide information and display the benefits of a product or service on busy block buster weekends.

  5. Place a larger-than-life standee in theatre to create additional consumer awareness for your product.

  6. Place a poster in theatre lobbies. Backlit posters are placed in a poster case, and non-backlit posters are placed in the lobby.

  7. Place take one counter cards at theatre Box Office Windows or Concession Stands depending on size and availability of space.

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Article Submitted On: November 16, 2004