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Christmas Party: Top 7 Steps to an Organized Christmas

By Rebekah Slatkin

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Use these 7 time saving strategies for any and EVERY special event in your life, especially holidays!

  1. KEEP a stack of directions TO your place for people who need to know how to get to your home or office. This prevents you from having to write them out every time you are asked. Type the directions and save them on your computer. This way you can email, fax, or mail them the directions. Make copies and keep them accessible. It is also helpful to keep directions FROM your place for future visits you need to make.

  2. Rather than add to someone else’s clutter with a gift you are not sure they would like, GIVE 'consumable' items for Christmas such as: special coffees or teas, cookies, or gift certificates.

  3. CREATE a Christmas idea file. Keep a folder and insert recipes, magazine clippings, gift ideas, and other ideas you might like to use for the holiday.

  4. A COUNTDOWN is super effective for any event such as weddings, holidays, and parties. Start by creating a master to-do list of everything that needs to be done for your special event. Then, transfer a couple of to-dos onto each day preceding your event. Cross off items when finished!

  5. AVOID shopping during busy times like the weekend and after-work. Shop online, by catalog, or in an area with several stores-in order to consolidate your shopping trips. Ask for gift-wrapping!

  6. SPEND your time on what you LOVE to do. If you love socializing, why waste your time cooking? Order from your favorite restaurant. If you hate decorating, hire an interior decorator or an art student. Exchange tasks with friends.

  7. PACK your decorations away with care. Do not throw everything in a box. Take time to pack fragile items carefully. Store your decorations and lights in proper containers. Inventory what you have with a list and a list for what you need next year. LABEL all of your boxes!

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Article Submitted On: December 02, 2004