Advantages of LED Lighting Over Conventional Lighting

By HPL India

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The electrical equipment industry in India is raving about LED lighting and how it is a smart and power-saving solution in the market today. Compared against the traditional lighting options, the light emitting LED diodes have a range of advantages and have become the green solution to help us save our planet. Not only are they eco-friendly, but are now offered by the LED light manufacturers in India in multiple options, making them among the best change that has happened in a long time. Letís have a look at the advantages.

  1. Long Life
    The diodes and the bulbs used in the LED lights have a very high operational life time, in some cases, even up to 100,000 hours. This means that LED lights can actually run up to a period of eleven years, and in cases of 50% operation, up to 22 years. Due to their high operational life, unlike the traditional lighting, the light diodes in the LED lights only dim over prolonged used, emitting lower output.

    In addition to long life, LED lights brighten immediately when they are powered on, making them apt for infrastructure projects as in traffic signals. Where traditional lighting require several seconds to brighten reducing their operational life expectancy, LED lights can be switched on and off frequently without affecting their efficiency.

  2. Energy Efficiency
    LED lights are the most efficient lighting and illumination options today, converting 80%-90% of the electrical energy into light energy. With only about 20% of the energy lost and converted into heat and other energies, LED is the modern solution to energy loss. In the traditional lights such as the incandescent light bulbs, this is just reverse, with about 80% of the electrical energy lost as heat. This means, if you are paying INR 100 for an electric bill, then INR 80 is used to heat the room instead of lighting the room. LED eliminates this inefficiency by ensuring that you are saving and using the INR 80 and hence making the most of it.

    The prolonged operational life of LED lights show their efficiency especially in large scale infrastructure projects where airports, railroads, and cities need lighting. But the savings one can make even at home by using LED lights does not go unseen. While energy-saving LED lights also require low maintenance as compared to the conventional bulbs.

    Moreover the light dispersion from LEDs are focused and directed, giving more application efficiency than traditional lighting. Streetlights for this reason, have switched to LED lighting, making urban roads brighter and safer.

  3. Eco-Friendly
    Because LED lights do not have toxic chemicals like mercury, and are recyclable, they are eco-friendly in nature reducing the carbon footprint on earth. They consume fewer materials for their production, hence creating equilibrium between production and use.

  4. Durability
    LED lights are robust and can withstand most rough conditions including electric shocks, external impacts, and vibrations. When they are paired with the best electrical switches in India, LED lights act perfect for outdoor lighting braving traffic-related exposure, vandalism, rain, wind, and other natural elements. More importantly, even under duress such as extreme weather conditions such as that in India and high & low temperature settings, LED lights continue to perform with efficiency.

  5. No UV Emissions
    The diodes in LED lighting emit very little infrared radiations and almost no UV emissions. This makes them the best option for materials and goods, which are particularly sensitive to heat, and ultraviolet radiations such as those in art galleries, museums and archaeological sites.

  6. Low Voltage-Friendly
    This perhaps is among the biggest advantage of using LED lights. These lights can operate just as effectively on low-voltage and with external solar-power source making them ideal for use in rural and remote areas. In the near future, this use of the LED lights will save crises in energy and will help nations develop and grow.

  7. Design Flexibility
    Lastly, LED lights can be made into nay shape to suit modern housing and infrastructure requirements. They can be controlled in their light, distribution and colour and can offer fantastic illumination effects for the mind and the mood. For these reasons, LED lights are now been installed in high-tension places such as airplanes, hospitals, classrooms and other locations.

    With these advantages, we are more likely to see LED lights as part of our lives.

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Article Submitted On: July 07, 2017