7 Ways You Can Carry Out Good Deeds with Your Phone

By Alice Marshall

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As a society we are becoming more conscious consumerists in the way we shop, eat and look after our world. No longer is our main priority instant gratification from ordering online (although that still sits quite highly), but in buying goods that are ethical in terms of the environment and of helping others and being more charitable. With these apps for your phone, you can find more ethical means to shop, as well as how you can help others easily in your daily lives.

  1. Charity Miles
    With such a huge focus on moving and getting active, the lifestyle movement to get more fit means there is more demand for attractive apps with sleek interfaces that we can use to track our progress. Conscious of working up a sweat and equally conscious of helping those in need? Why not get the Charity Miles app, which tracks the exercise you log and donates to a charity of your choice for all the miles you wrack up. Be sponsored for every little bit of exercise you do, from running to walking. You may even want to team up helping those in need with being environmentally by taking this as the push you need to walk to work rather than drive.

  2. Foodbank App
    Make invaluable donations to your local foodbank by using the Foodbank app. The Foodbank app uses the traffic light colour system in three categories to pinpoint what items are urgently needed as opposed to what they already have a lot of. Red highlights what is in demand from donations, amber shows what there is a low stock of and green gives an indication of what they already have a lot of. Tapping in your local foodbank, you can make worthy, timely donations that give the bank exactly what they need.

  3. Good on You
    Shopping just about anywhere can open you up to unethical items. From bad treatment for employees in developing countries to materials you may not want in your clothing if you accommodate a vegan lifestyle. Good on You tells you everything you need to know when it comes to the fashion purchases you make, offering a rating on how well brands do ethically and alternatives if you discover an item of clothing you were eyeing up is no good. You can also use the messaging system to directly contact any brands about queries or with praise.

  4. DoneGood
    Whether youíre searching on Amazon or Google, you can find alternatives to the products you need that rank better in terms of ethics. DoneGood is an extension you can add to your chosen internet browser to determine what exactly youíre buying and find better alternatives that suit your shopping morals. As an incentive, they also offer discounts exclusive to them so you can save and not pay the price of being more conscious when youíre shopping online.

  5. Buycott
    Similar to Good on You but with a wider reach of products, Buycott allows you to scan items and find out the history of the company so you can determine whether you want to buy it or not. It goes that bit further, though, allowing you to also join up and support campaigns that you care about. You can also communicate both with brands and like-minded people who care about shopping ethically, sharing your reasons for why you did or didnít buy certain items.

  6. greenMeter
    Of course, exhaust fumes have a big impact on our environment, but have you ever thought about the way you drive and how you can do so more efficiently to reduce your carbon footprint? With greenMeter, you can track your technique and determine where youíre going wrong, if at all. Using the phones accelerometer, it can sense everything from your foot on the accelerator to your touch on the throttle. You can amend accordingly based on the colour coding it gives you and improve your driving technique to be more environmentally friendly.

  7. Joulebug
    Need more inspiration on how you can make more ethical lifestyle changes? Joulebag is a great resource for learning new tips and tricks on how you can be more sustainable. From shopping locally to using reusable cups when you get a hot drink out. You can also input when you do something good and share with friends, family or any other community youíre apart of to promote better sustainability and earn points.

Alice is a writer and bargain hunter for Discount Promo Codes. Between reading, blogging, sipping on prosecco and cuddling her cat, she has dreams of the big city lights and travelling the world.

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Article Submitted On: April 24, 2018