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7 Top Questions Regarding Nuvarings

By Amelia Grant

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People have a lot of questions when it comes to nuvarings, in this article we are going to explore some of the most often asked ones. But before we begin, let's talk about what a nuvaring is in the first place. To put it into simple terms, the vagina ring is a small, flexible ring a woman inserts into her vagina once a month to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Itís very common for the vaginal ring to be called NuvaRing, which is its name brand. Here are some common questions and answers regarding nuvarings.

  1. How Does the Vaginal Ring Work?

    Nuvaring releases estrogen and progestin hormones just like most other methods of birth control. The hormones in the ring work by preventing the eggs from leaving the ovaries. When there are no eggs to join with the sperm, then pregnancy canít happen.

  2. How Effective Is the Vaginal Ring?

    When choosing a birth control method, itís effectiveness is one of the most important factors. Based on the statistics, the NuvaRing is highly effective. However there are certain supplements and medicines that may make the NuvaRing less effective. They include, antibiotic rifampin, certain medicines used for yeast infections, HIV medicines and anti-seizure medicines.

  3. How Safe Is the Vaginal Ring?

    NuvaRing can be used by most women safely. But just like with most other medications, there may be some risks. Although very rare, there is a possibility for some serious side effects of the ring if you have certain conditions. Some of those conditions may even prevent you from using the ring altogether. Itís best to talk with your healthcare provider to find out if the ring is right for you.

  4. What Are the Benefits of the Vaginal Ring?

    There are many benefits of using the NuvaRing. You donít have to do anything right before having sex and overall itís safe, simple and convenient. A lot of women have reported that it even improves their sexual lives since it helps them feel more spontaneous. During the use of the vaginal ring, your periods will be more regular, lighter and shorter. And one of the big advantages of the ring is that your ability to become pregnant will return quickly once you stop using it.

  5. What Are the Disadvantages of the Vaginal Ring?

    Because NuvaRing works like the pill, it carries the same disadvantages. Most women will adjust to most of the side effects of the ring. But the ring may also cause some long-lasting side effects. It can cause vagianl irritation, infection or vaginal discharge. The hormones within the ring may change a womanís sexual desire as well. Consult with your doctor to see if the ring is safe for you.

  6. How Do I Use the Vaginal Ring?

    NuvaRing is very simple to use. You insert a new ring into your vagina and keep it there for three weeks. Then remove it for one week. Just donít forget that the ring doesnít protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Use a latex or female condom to reduce the risk of infection.

  7. How Do I Start the Vaginal Ring?

    Most women start using the ring within the first five days after the start of their periods. This way you will be protected against pregnancy right away. Itís recommended that you talk to your healthcare provider to find out what day is best for you to start using the ring.

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Article Submitted On: May 11, 2018