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7 Tips to Prevent Lower Back Pain

By Amelia Grant

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Your lower back has great strength and flexibility, but those are the same features that make it susceptible to developing lots of problems. A problem with the lower back can lead to many other discomforts such as leg pain, hip problems and more. And thatís because there are many nerves that run throughout our spine and into the rest of our bodies. Here are 7 tips you can follow to prevent lower back pain.

  1. Exercise Your Core

    Having strong core muscles is an important factor in providing support for your lower back and avoiding injury. Try low-impact cardiovascular exercises like walking, which will increase the blood flow to the spine. Doing so will supply healing nutrients and hydration to the structures in your lower back.

  2. Correct Your Posture

    Having incorrect posture places additional pressure on your back causes degenerated discs to become more painful. Use an ergonomic chair to support the natural curve in your lower back. If you work in the office and spend a long time sitting down, donít forget to get up and walk around at least once an hour.

  3. Lift Heavy Objects Correctly

    It doesnít matter how strong or young you are, improperly lifting heavy objects can still injure your lower back. Make sure to follow the correct technique when lifting heavy objects.

  4. Be a Savvy Athlete

    Sports are one of the biggest causes of lower back pain. So even if you are fit and athletic, a wrong move could cause injuries to your lower back. Before participating in your favorite sport, learn and understand the potential lower-back pitfalls.

  5. Improve Your Overall Physical Health

    Your spine is a reflection of the overall health of your body. So whenever you improve your overall general health and physical fitness, your lumbar spine will benefit as well. This also means you should drink more water, minimize drinking alcohol, eat an anti-inflammatory diet and quit smoking.

  6. Tips For Frequent Travelers

    Frequently traveling in a car or plane can take a big toll on your lower back. A huge number of people suffer from serious injuries due to car accidents. Learn to be more of a defensive driver, to be more capable of avoiding bad situations on the road. When traveling by plane, donít remain sitting the whole time, try to get up a few times and walk to the restroom to reduce the strain on your back.

  7. Stretch Your Hamstrings

    Not many people are aware that tight hamstrings can cause lower back pain. Sometimes a simple hamstring stretching exercise can do wonders. It decreases the pressure on your pelvis and provides relief to your lower back. Keep in mind though that not all stretching approaches are beneficial for certain types of back conditions. Itís best to check with your physical therapist or doctor first.

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Article Submitted On: May 11, 2018