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7 Tips to Avoid Root Canal Treatment

By Amelia Grant

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Root canal treatment is a wonderful tooth-saving tool. It is used when there is an infection deep within the tooth. Advances in modern techniques have evolved this into a fairly painless procedure that will take about one or two visits to your dentist to complete. But still, itís best to try and avoid this if possible. We will examine seven easy tips on avoiding the need for it.

  1. Brush twice daily

    Even though most of us know this, but far too many of us sometimes skip this step at nigh. Brushing your teeth before bed is just as important as it is in the morning.

  2. Floss once daily

    Not flossing is like not washing a part of your body when showering. Not only does it contribute to bad breath, it also allows root-damaging bacteria to hide and thrive.

  3. Avoid hard foods

    Hard foods such as hard candies and lollipops can cause cracks in your teeth which will lead to bacteria entering your root system. If you ever do get a crack in a tooth, itís best to go to a dentist right away.

  4. Be wary of weak teeth

    If you had any restorations or have weak teeth, then itís also best for you to avoid crunchy fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots. They are two of the most common tooth-crackers.

  5. Stay away from ice

    We all love ice in our beverages, especially during hot summer months. But chewing on ice can be very damaging for our teeth. Ice can easily crack, fracture or break our teeth.

  6. Avoid acidic drinks and foods

    Acidic beverages like soda and citrus juice do two things to our teeth. First they break down the enamel, then they saturate the teeth in sugar which leads to increased bacteria.

  7. Have regular dental checkups and cleanings

    If a cracked tooth is spotted early, most times it could be treated and root canal avoided. Donít just go to your dentist when you suffer from pain, go regularly for teeth cleaning as well.


Source: http://Top7Business.com/?expert=Amelia_Grant

Article Submitted On: May 16, 2018