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7 Tips for Preventing Dental Cavities in Children

By Amelia Grant

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Cavities is something nobody likes to deal with. Tooth decay is usually painful to repair and affects your health. Being a parent, itís very important for us to teach our children the importance of proper dental hygiene. That way we can help them avoid some very uncomfortable dental procedures. But before we do that, we first need to understand the essentials in preventing dental cavities. Here are seven tips from dental experts:

  1. One of the first things you need to do is to educate your child of the importance of routine dental care. Teach them to brush at least twice a day and to floss once.

  2. Keep in mind that sharing food and beverages allows the oral bacteria to spread. Make sure your child understands not to share their food and drinks.

  3. Sweets and starchy foods are best avoided. They increase the amount of acid-eroding plaque in the mouth. If your child does consume a lot of sweets, itís important for them to brush their teeth afterwards.

  4. Encourage the consumption of water-dense fruits and vegetables. Not only will they help keep the mouth hydrated, but also increases production of saliva, which will make it harder for bacteria to stick to their teeth.

  5. Consult with your dentist about dental sealants. They are an easy way to offer your children many years of additional protection from cavities. Since they seal cracks and spaces between teeth, they prevent the build-up of bacteria which otherwise can cause damage.

  6. Sticky foods such as caramel, honey or taffy are best avoided. They are more difficult to remove from the teeth and as a result, can aid in acid formation and rapid tooth decay.

  7. Take your child for routine visits to a dentist. Itís important for your child to see a dentist soon as their first teeth emerge. After that, itís recommended to continue the visits twice a year for life.


Source: http://Top7Business.com/?expert=Amelia_Grant

Article Submitted On: May 17, 2018