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7 Tips To Spark Up The Morale Of Your Employees

By Kevin Jones

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Its a fact that when you talk about sprucing up the office and increasing the employee morale, some organizations dont get it right. Here, in this article, I have a compiled a list of simple, yet powerful tactics to boost the morale of your workers. If you feel that your team dumps down in the deep and lacks productivity; these techniques will surely spark up a helpful change.

  1. Plan small meetings daily

    If you feel that your employees are quiet and down, dont make the situation worse. Its a good idea to gather up all staff in one place to share the tasks progress, and possible actions are taken to spark things up. Have some casual chit chat as well. It will eventually boost energy levels and believe me; its better than offering just coffee and donuts.

  2. Change the schedule

    Always keep in mind that same routine makes people fed up. So, try to break the routine now and then. Give the employees some time to start on Monday so they can easily wind up the personal pending projects and align themselves to focus on work.

  3. Talk to them

    When it comes to the businesses that directly deals with the customers and clients; one thing that needs to be learned is venting out anger. Its crucial for a change. As an owner, you have to meet people individually or in certain cases, in groups to ask the problems theyre facing. This step will eventually increase the employee morale. On the other hand, if you use the same strategy for large groups, youll end up having more problems instead of fixing them. Say Thank You for the small things. Just say it more often. No doubt, appreciating your employees, even on the small thing will boost up their morale.

  4. Figure out the problem & let it fixed

    Its always a good idea to find the biggest problem that your employees are facing. No start taking steps to fix it. Is it the detailed time sheets bothering them? Is there a particular client that nobody wants to deal with? Stand up for the employees problem; theyll become more productive.

  5. Change the scenery

    It has been proved from the several studies that if you have the same physical environment at workplace, the employees morale can fall. Just plan a unique activity and go out with your team to spend some time together. You can go about volunteering for a day for humanity. Or plan a vacation trip to a soothing place. While on vacations, have your office re-painted with vibrant colors. The new and cleaner place will help in increasing the employees morale once they get back

  6. Let employees nap

    It is, of course, an imperative step to building up the morale of your employees. Dont forget to set a dark room for a nap where they can lie down for at least 20 minutes. It will surely boost workers up, and they show greater productivity. If your office is designed in a way that people work for late hours as well, nap room is a must have!

  7. Organize something extraordinary

    No doubt its a good gesture to bring in bagels or tacos for the breakfast or donuts for the afternoon, but they cant alleviate the mood. Just try to do something different like hiring a massage therapist for a day especially for those who sits in front of the computers for long hours. Thats what that relaxes their mind and body. Or else, you can also hire any dance instructor to teach a Zumba, hip-hop, or more for at least an hour.

My name is Kevin Jones and I have a great passion for small business. I love to share my knowledge and experience about small businesses with people who are interested in starting a new business. I am not afraid to share my opinions that are drawn from the understanding, I have gained after years of experience. I am aware of all the traits that make a good small business adviser and I wish to share my expertise with anyone willing to venture into the world of startups.

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Article Submitted On: December 28, 2016